Terry Eagling Joyce

Beyond Knowledge Assessment - Geography


Beyond Knowledge Assessment or BKA is a programme of work investigating novel ways of assessing performance and skills on screen reaching beyond traditional knowledge-based tests.

Part of our challenge was the increasing need to assess higher-order thinking skills onscreen and the fact that item-based assessments are not considered fit-for-purpose to measure student skills and performance.

To respond to the challenge we have been developing scenario-based onscreen assessments that are more appropriate for measuring performance and higher-order thinking skills, especially those skills that allow students to apply knowledge to new situations.

Our latest prototype measures students’ ability to apply different geographical skills using a realistic task. We worked with Geography experts to carefully design the task and associated resources to ensure their construct validity.

The geography prototype did not feature any traditional onscreen question mechanisms, instead students need to conduct research using the interactive tools and media available to them to solve a real world problem.


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